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Map of Finland - Oulujarvi.png
Location of Oulujärvi in Finland
LocationKainuu, Finland
Coordinates64°20′N 027°15′E / 64.333°N 27.250°E / 64.333; 27.250Coordinates: 64°20′N 027°15′E / 64.333°N 27.250°E / 64.333; 27.250
Primary outflowsOulu River
Basin countriesFinland
Surface area928.09 km2 (358.34 sq mi)[1]
Average depthca. 7 m (23 ft)[2]
Max. depth38 m (125 ft)
Shore length11,201.17 km (746.37 mi)
Surface elevation120.9–123.6 m (397–406 ft)[1]
IslandsManamansalo, Ärjänsaari, Toukka, Kaarresalo, Hautakaarre
SettlementsKajaani, Paltamo, Vaala
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Oulujärvi (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈouluˌjærʋi], Swedish: Ule träsk) is a large lake in Finland located in the Kainuu region. With an area of 928 square kilometres (358 sq mi) it is the fifth largest lake in the country. The lake is drained by the Oulu River, which flows northwestward from the lake into the Gulf of Bothnia. Its nickname is the "Kainuu sea", and it is bordered by three municipalities: Vaala, Paltamo and Kajaani.[2] About 40 percent of the lake is in the Vaala municipality.

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