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Hi. I'm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and tend to interfere especially in articles about the Roman Republic, rural Wiltshire, South Asian History and development economics. I've been on WP since December 2004; I have scaled back my editing drastically since October 2006. A glance at my contributions should explain why.

I continue to try and understand exactly what a NPOV is; currently I interpret an edit as NPOV if it accurately reflects the state of informed debate on the subject. The key, loaded word here is 'informed'. It means I have a bias towards "pointy-headed academic" argument rather than "plain, simple common sense". Deal.

Pages started: Permanent Settlement, Basic structure, Senatus consultum ultimum, Wardour Castle, Congress President, Rian Malan, James A. Mackay, Tryst with destiny, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Congress Working Committee, Percy Lucas, National Knowledge Commission, Home Minister, Pradesh Congress Committee, Safdar Hashmi, Tangra, Zamindar, Duchess of Richmond, Mautam - which was on the main page on June 3, 2006.

Something I'm really ashamed of: [1].

Projects underway: Drastic edits of certain pages on 18th and 19th century colonial history that rely on the 1911 Britannica, which has serious POV problems. See especially Robert Clive. Also Claude Martin.

On my slate: Rewrite and properly deepen Constitution of India, including articles on major amendments. Also rearrange Fundamental Rights of India.

Past edits under anon IPs include but are not limited to:





Recent Changes, Living Persons: [2] Recent Changes, pols: [3] Recent Changes, actors: [4]

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