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Subtle takes it's origin from the French word sutil and it from the Latin word subtilis which is derived from the two Latin words sub (beneath)+ tela (weaving) with an underlying idea of "finely woven" (Encarta,2001) & (Bohm, 1990:271). Dictionaries describe it as "difficult to detect or grasp by the mind" and "Faint and difficult to analyze".

Energy [1] from a scientific perspective is the ability to do work. It is the force that moves things, including atoms, molecules, cellular processes, consciousness, and bodies of all shape and sizes, from plants to fingers (Pearsall, 1998:40).

According to conventional physics, there are only four kinds of energy (forces) in existence: electromagnetic-, gravity-, and two subatomic forces called the strong- and the weak force. (Gribbon,1998:57) Yet, consistent with the worldviews of indigenous cultures, the human body appears to be a multidimensional reality (Gerber, 2000:10), one in which humans experience a whole spectrum of energies, some from the physical dimension and some from the yet unknown (Collinge, 1998:16).

Energy forces beyond that which science could conclusively validate, might best be grouped into a category called 'subtle energies' [2](Tiller 1999). Also the 'Fifth Force' (Pearsal, 1998;38)[3]. For now, subtle energies can be defined as all those energies beyond those presently acknowledged in physics (Tiller 1993;34; Pert,1997;252).

Seaward as quoted in Pert (1997: 307) on the question on what he perceives subtle energy to be:

"I believe subtle energy is a kind of universal life force that flows through us from the divine. According to Eastern wisdom, everyone has an aura, a field of this energy surrounding the physical body, and flowing through it as well, travelling along lines called meridians by the Chinese or radiating out from the seven body centres called chakras by the practitioners of yoga. Westerners even have a version of it in Christianity, as a halo surrounding the crown of the head, often depicted on saints and angels in medieval art. But you don't have to be a saint, an angel, or yogi to acknowledge this subtle energy. It's in everyone and can be force for healing."

Larry Dossey (1997) on his perception of subtle energies:

"It may turn out that some form of energy may indeed be discovered in the future. Because this can't be ruled out, we are justified in using the term "subtle energy" in a provisional, qualified, metaphorical way. But as far as I can tell, almost nobody who speaks about "subtle energy" believes it is a metaphor, and they don't use it provisionally. They imply that it real, that it has already been demonstrated, and that it is a concrete reality."

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The Ascending Constitution of the Being as described by Samael Aun Weor
Dimension Lunar (Egoic) Vehicle Solar (Christic) Vehicle Sefirah
1st - 3rd Physical body Body of Liberation; Rainbow Body Malkuth
4th Ethereal Body; Vital Body Body of Liberation; Rainbow Body Yesod
5th Lunar Astral Body; Desire Body; Kama rupa Solar Astral Body Hod
5th Lunar Mental Body Solar Mental Body; Inferior Manas Netzach
6th Essence; Virginal Spark Solar Casual Body; Superior Manas; Human Soul Tiphereth
6th n/a Buddhi; Divine Soul Geburah
6th n/a Atman; The Innermost Chesed
7th n/a The Holy Spirit; The Holy Reconciliation; Nirmanakaya Binah
7th n/a Son; The Holy Negation; Sambhogakaya Chokmah
7th n/a Father; The Holy Affirmation; Dharmakaya Kether

From Mother Meera's site[edit]

"Mother Meera does not belong to any particular tradition, except for a certain closeness to the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother,[1] whom she had allegedly met in their subtle bodies, when she was a child, visiting their Samadhi (grave).[2]

Mother Meera

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  1. ^ See 'Sri Aurobindo Research Academy' in Mother Meera, "Answers, Part II", pages 189 - 195
  2. ^ Adilakshmi, "The Mother", pages 10 - 12

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